We're proud to release a major new update to the WhoKnows platform.  We have completely revamped and improved our profiles and admin portal as well as launching a major new offering with WhoKnows Insights.  Check out the details below and we have more to come soon.  

WhoKnows Profiles

  • Featured skills - WhoKnows discovers dozens of your interests and skills. You can now flag the skills you want to be most prominent in your profile.
  • Expertise level and work activity - WhoKnows helps you look your best by discovering expertise from what you work on. However, a machine is great at helping analyze activity, we want you to control what your expertise level. WhoKnows will still help by highlighting the amount and recency of activity, but you control your skill level now.
  • Inline editing - It is now easier to edit your profile by just clicking on the field or section you want to edit.
  • Search for skills and contacts - When looking at your or someone else's profile, you can now search for skills or contacts to more easily find what and who that person knows.
  • Work history and education - WhoKnows wants to showcase more than just your skills and relationships, now you can add your work history and education as well.

Learn more in our Profile FAQs

WhoKnows Insights

Your organization relies on data and analytics on your products, market, sales, supply chain, and more.  WhoKnows Insights provides similar strategic insights on the entirety of your workforce.  Here are the different ways we provide insights about your people.

  • What We Know - Understand your talent inventory from internal and web sources as well as how it's changing over time.
  • Where We Work - Understand what are the major applications your organization is using to work and how it's changing over time.
  • Who Works With Who - Understand what our collaboration network truly is, who's working with who, who are our connectors, and where do we need more collaboration. 
  • Knowledge Gap - Understand what knowledge is most in-demand in your organization and where your biggest gaps are to help inform strategic workforce planning and knowledge management initiatives.
  • Users - Understand engagement and growth of the users in your network.
  • Custom Analytics - You own your data.  For our customers, WhoKnows provides a reporting database that gives you direct access to your data, so you can roll your own reports. 

Learn more in our Insights FAQs

Admin Portal

We have also launched a brand new admin portal to better manage your network.

  • Improved user management with features like search, sort, filter, etc.  
  • Easier navigation for network settings to control who can join, configure sources of work activity, and filter work-related topics for expertise discovery.

Learn more in our Admin FAQs

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