Admins can import an existing set of users to accelerate the expansion of the network.  Each user’s profile information (name, title, etc) and even skills can be imported via a text file. Optionally, these users can then be invited to join the network as soon as they're imported.  Regardless, whenever the imported users register, their imported information will already be pre-populated saving them time and effort. 

Profile Import File Template

WhoKnows has created a template that can be used to import the skills.  It is a pipe-delimited text file with the following definition:

  • First Name (required) – first name of user

  • Last Name (required) – last name of user

  • ProfilePictureURL– public URL of profile picture to import

  • Company – company of user

  • Title – title of user

  • Department – department of user

  • Location – address of user

  • Email (required) – email address of user

  • MobilePhone – phone of user

  • Skills – list of skills for the user; this value should be a comma-separated list skills

Sample Entry
Chris|Macomber||WhoKnows|CEO|||Project Management, Multivariate Testing, Product Management

How To Import Users

  1. Go to Admin link in the account dropdown

  2. Go to the Settings page and Network tab.

  3. Click on the Import Users button.

  4. Select the file in the CSV format described above and click Open.

  5. The users will be imported and added to the network as inactive in the User tab.

  6. Optionally, you can click the checkbox to send an invite to all of the newly imported users.

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