Many organizations have a private email server like Exchange.  WhoKnows can connect to any IMAP-enabled email server, but most users don't know the IMAP URL of their email server, so admins can configure access to the email server, so the users don't have to.  Here's how.

Configure Email Server

  1. Go to the Admin link in the account dropdown.

  2. Go to the Settings page and the Who Knows Who tab.

  3. Ensure that "Allow users to import email contacts" is enabled.

  4. Click the "Configure" button.

  5. Enter in the IMAP server's host, port (usually 143), secure port (usually 993).

  6. Below, we'll show you how to test access to the email server.

Test Access to the Email Server
After you configure the IMAP server settings, you can test that the connection works. Here's how.

  1. Under the "Test Email Server Configuration", enter in any valid email and password (this info is not saved; it is only used for testing).

  2. Click the Test button and WhoKnows will show a message if the connection was successful.

  3. If the connection failed, please go back and verify the IMAP server settings.

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