The What We Know dashboard gives you a real-time summary and analysis of your talent inventory.  We source this information from your user profiles as well as what the web knows about your organization's expertise as well (if your admin has configured).  Answer questions like:

  • How has our expertise increased or decreased in our core, strategic skills?

  • Who are our experts on key strategic or unique topics?

  • Is our expertise properly distributed across departments and offices?

How To Access

  1. Go to the Admin link in the account dropdown.

  2. Go to the Reports page and click on the What We Know tab.


  • Function - filter graphs by business function like marketing, finance, etc.

  • Type - filter graphs to show only user profiles or web profiles (derived from public data on the web)

  • Department - filter graphs by departments

  • Date range - filter graphs for a specific date range (defaults to last 12 months)

Summary Metrics

  • Total Profiles - total number of users or web profiles analyzed in your organization

  • Total Skills - total number of skills for all profiles

  • Avg Skills - average number of skills

  • Unique Categories - number of unique skill categories across all profiles

  • Skill Growth % - total change in skills over the date range

Talent Inventory Graph
This grid shows the distribution of your talent inventory and how's it changed over time.  

  • The size of each skill shows how many users or profiles have that skill.

  • The color of each skill shows how it's changed over the date range selected.

Increasing/Decreasing Skills Graph
This is just another way to view the most changed skills over time.  It shows the skills that have decreased or increased the most over the date range selected.

Skill History Graph
This history chart shows the number of skills added and lost (from attrition) over the date range.  The line shows the total number of skills over that time as well.

Sample Dashboard

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