The Where We Work dashboard shows an anonymized, aggregated view of where your users are working and learning.  

How To Access

  1. Go to the Admin link in the account dropdown.

  2. Go to the Reports page and click on the Where We Work tab.


  • Date range - filter graphs for a specific date range (defaults to last 12 months)

Summary Metrics

  • Total Work Tracked - total number of work time tracked in minutes for all users

  • Total Signals - total number of signals (signals include reading, creating content or data, sharing, etc) tracked during that work time for all users

  • Unique Apps - number of unique apps that your users work on determined by unique domain

Work Activity by Application Bar Graph
This graph shows which applications are most popular for work (first column) and how that has changed over time (second column).  

Work Activity History Graph
This historical chart shows how the total time spent by unique application over time. 

Sample Dashboard

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