The Knowledge Gap dashboard shows the supply and demand of knowledge within your organization.  Your users provide the supply of expertise with their knowledge and experience as represented by their profiles.  You also want to understand what your users need to know as well based on what they're searching for and how effectively are they connecting with fellow colleagues that can help.  More collaboration effectively decreases your knowledge gap.  

How To Access

  1. Go to the Admin link in the account dropdown.

  2. Go to the Reports page and click on the Knowledge Gap tab.


  • Function - filter graphs by business function like marketing, finance, etc.

  • Type - filter graphs to show only user profiles or web profiles (derived from public data on the web)

  • Department - filter graphs by departments

  • Date range - filter graphs for a specific date range (defaults to last 12 months)

Summary Metrics

  • Total Searches - total number of searches done by users

  • Unique Topics - number of unique topics searched for

  • Growth % - change in number of searches over date range

  • % of Searches for Known Topics - percentage of searches that were for topics known by someone within the organization

  • Total Connections - total number of connections made between a searcher and someone that might help

Search Topic Distribution Graph
This grid shows the distribution of search topics and how's it changed over time.  

  • The size of each search topic shows how many users searched for that topic.

  • The color of each search topic shows how it's changed over the date range selected.

Top Search Topic Lists
These lists show the top search topics.

  • Common Searches - Known - most common search topics searched for where someone within the network knew that topic.

  • Common Searches - Unknown - most common search topics searched for where where nobody within the network knew that topic.

  • Recent Searches - most recently searched for topics.

Knowledge Gap History Graph
This historical area chart shows how the % of searches for known and unknown topics changes over time.  

Search History Graph
This historical chart shows how the total number of searches changes over time broken down by the search engine. 

Sample Dashboard

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