The Users dashboard can be used to track and analyze engagement and growth of your users over time. 

How To Access

  1. Go to the Admin link in the account dropdown.

  2. Go to the Reports page and click on the Users tab.


  • Function - filter graphs by business function like marketing, finance, etc.

  • Type - filter graphs to show only user profiles or web profiles (derived from public data on the web)

  • Department - filter graphs by departments

  • Date range - filter graphs for a specific date range (defaults to last 12 months)

Summary Metrics

  • Total Registered Users - total number of users registered and active on the network

  • % of Users Published - the percentage of registered users that have published skills or relationships

  • % of Users Installed - the percentage of registered users that have installed the WhoKnows browser extension

User History Graph
This history chart shows the number of users added over the date range.  The line shows the total number of active users over that time as well. 

User Distribution by Function and Seniority Graph
This graph shows how the registered users are distributed across business function and seniority level.  Please note if users have neither title nor department populated, they won't appear in this graph.

User Distribution by Location
This map shows the geographical distribution of users.  Please note if users haven't populated their location, they won't appear in this graph.

Sample Dashboard

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