WhoKnows supports powerful boolean logic to allow you to generate hyper-accurate and specific lists.

Specific filters vs generic keywords
You can add keywords to any specific filter like title, skill, etc.  Or if you want the keyword to match everything in the profile just add it to the Keyword filter.

Quoted keywords
WhoKnows defaults to quoted keywords which means if you enter multiple words as one filter, it'll only match exact matches for that exact set of keywords.  For example, typing in "Director of Finance" will only find profiles that exactly match "Director of Finance".  

Whereas if you type in two keywords, "Director" and "Finance", it'll find all profiles with any variation of those keywords including "Director of Finance", "Finance Director", "Director of Commercial Finance", etc.

Boolean logic
WhoKnows offers AND, OR, and NOT logic for any of our filters.  For each filter, you can select whether you want the all of the keywords to appear (AND), any of the keywords to appear (OR), or none of the keywords to appear (NOT).

Nice to have logic
WhoKnows also has "Nice to have" filters.  Keywords in these filters won't eliminate profiles that don't match, but it will score them higher in the results, so it can be used to improve the ranking of the results.

Multiple filters for each attribute
You can also add multiple filters for a given attribute.  This allows you to add "Must have" as well as "Nice to have" filters for the same attribute.

Filter modifiers
Certain filters like title, company, location, etc have additional modifiers you can use to enhance the search.  Location allows you to choose a radius to expand the search.  Title, company, seniority, etc allow you to choose whether the person should match those keywords in their current or past or both experiences.

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