WhoKnows has introduced an innovative new type of campaign.  Usually, you have to buy an entire email list before you send out a campaign which could costs thousands of dollars.  

Now with WhoKnows pay-per-response campaigns, you can create mass email campaigns where you only pay for the recipients that respond.

Here's how it works:

  1. You define your target audience from over 370M machine-enriched profiles using our advanced filters.
  2. Click the Contact All button to start drafting your message (remember, WhoKnows support mail merge to personalize each individual message).
  3. Choose the Pay Per Reply campaign type.
  4. Select your own price for each reply as well as your max budget to determine how many total responses you want.
  5. Either save the campaign as a draft or send it right away! 

WhoKnows will then start emailing your target audience using our machine learning algorithms to scale up and down the amount of emails to ensure you achieve your response goal.  

Here are some additional FAQS to help you learn more about pay per response campaigns.

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