Using WhoKnows Pay Per Response campaigns is a new way to think about prospecting, so there are a few things to remember.

  • What are you willing to pay for a conversation or response, essentially what's your cost per lead?

  • Remember, WhoKnows donates your payment to the recipient's favorite charity, so the more you give the more they'll appreciate it and be likely to respond.

  • Lastly, you set your own budget and price so we recommend that you start with a higher price per response and a lower budget and then experiment with what works.

Coming soon, WhoKnows will offer more detailed suggestions on what you should do to maximize your reach and response, but here are some guidelines for now.

  • $1 - entry-level professionals¬†

  • $5 - senior-level professionals

  • $10 - middle managers and directors

  • $25 - VPs and executives

  • $50 - $100 - CEOs, C-level execs, and rock stars

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