WhoKnows is easy to get started. All we need is 2 minutes and your email. Here's how it works.

1. Enter your email address

Start by going to your network's home page and enter in your email, name, and password.

2. Confirm your email address

WhoKnows will send you a confirmation email to your work email to verify you're still an active employee of that company. Verifying your email ensures you can join your company's network and nobody else's.

3. (Optional) Install the WhoKnows browser plugin

Installing the WhoKnows browser plugin unlocks the full potential of the WhoKnows network. With the plugin, WhoKnows can recommend the colleague with the best expertise or relationship when you're searching for help in any search engine, CRM, or web app, so you don't have to change how you work. WhoKnows can also make recommendations on new expertise for you to review and choose what to publish to your profile.

Installing the plugin is simple and can be done in Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, and Chrome.

A) For Chrome, you can simply click on the button to install the plugin. You'll see a confirmation dialog that you can accept. There's no need to restart the browser.

B) For Firefox, you will click to install the plugin as well as accepting some confirmation dialogs, and you'll need to restart your browser to complete the installation.

C) For Internet Explorer, you will click to install the plugin as well as accepting some confirmation dialogs. First, you will be asked to open or save the installer, please click Open as the option. You will see a window open with the installer, just double click on it to start the browser plugin installer. Once the installer is finished, you will also need to restart the browser to complete the install.

4. (Optional) Import your LinkedIn profile and more

Once you install the WhoKnows extension, you can easily import expertise from any online profile or content you've written. For example, you can start by clicking the button to view your LinkedIn profile. Click the WhoKnows button in your browser toolbar to view all the skills on that page. Review and choose what you'd like to add to your profile. 

5. (Optional) Import professional contacts

Your admin may allow you to integrate with your work email in order to create a rich relationship graph for you and your colleagues to leverage. If you prefer, you can skip this step as well. Please note if that admin has turned this feature off, you won't see this step at all.

WhoKnows can integrate with Gmail (personal and apps), Exchange, and any IMAP server as well. Once prompted, enter in your work email and password, and WhoKnows will start recommending relationships for you to share with trusted colleagues.

Once you've connected to your email, you choose with whom you want to share your contacts. You can choose to share it with every colleague on your network (remember you still approve who gets to introduced to who) or just the colleagues you invite or specifically choose. You can edit this later on the Visibility tab of your Edit Profile page.

6. (Optional) Invite some colleagues
WhoKnows gets better and better the more colleagues that have joined.  Just enter in their email address to invite more colleagues to join.

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