Let's face it. Privacy is a growing concern for any user of the web as well as any employee. We at WhoKnows have based our entire privacy strategy to be employee-centric. This is reinforced in many ways.

  1. The employee is always in control over how they appear to their peers and managers. This means nothing about the user can be seen unless they choose to publish it including any of their derived expertise.

  2. WhoKnows is only concerned with work-related activity. An employee often has to handle personal matters while at work, but WhoKnows ignores any activity that isn't about work.

  3. Everything is secure and encrypted. To help enforce your privacy, we encrypt everything so even if someone could get their hands on your profile data, they couldn't read it.

We are proud of our privacy philosophy, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can review our detailed privacy policy as well.

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