In addition to discovering expertise, WhoKnows can also discover relationships that can be selectively shared with people you trust to create a referral network. Please note deriving relationships is purely optional for the user.

WhoKnows can derive relationships from primarily two sources: LinkedIn and email. If you decide to register or import your LinkedIn profile, WhoKnows can import LinkedIn connections.

In addition, you can connect to your work email account to calculate the work relationships. WhoKnows calculates the strength of each relationship based off multiple factors including frequency of interaction, intimacy (stronger if you're only talking to each other rather than in a group), responsiveness (how quickly did your contact response), and recency (how long ago did you talk to them).

Remember, each user has complete control over which contacts are published (WhoKnows auto-hides any contacts with personal emails) as well as who can see your relationships.

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