If you are connecting to Outlook.com, Office365, Live.com, or any publicly available email servers, you simply need to enter in your email address (me@company.com) and your email password.

Oftentimes, your company's email server is located within your company's data center, so WhoKnows can't access it without a little help from you. To successfully connect in this case, WhoKnows will also need to know your email server's URL. This is often easy to find. Here's how to find it using Microsoft Outlook.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on the File tab to open your Account Information.

2. Select Account Settings

3. Double-click on your Email account.

4. Now you can see the Incoming Mail Server URL.

5. Type in your email server URL in addition to your email address and password to connect to your email and that's it!

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