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How do I upgrade my browser extension?
How do I upgrade my browser extension?
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If you are using Chrome or Firefox, your browser extension will be upgraded automatically.

If you are using Internet Explore, you have to manually upgrade the browser extension as follows.

  1. Login into your WhoKnows network.

  2. Click the account menu in the upper right and select the Install menu item.

  3. This will open the install page, where you can click to download an open the WhoKnows installer.

  4. Follow the instructions and when the installer is done, restart the browser.

NOTE: You may have to login to the upgraded browser extension if you see an exclamation mark on the browser extension button.

Navigate to your WhoKnows profile page to login to the new browser extension (remember if your company may have a private network setup on a custom URL for your company).

As a more advanced option, you can manually enter in your WhoKnows server URL (e.g.

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