WhoKnows ensures every user has complete control of what professional topics and expertise are visible about them. On your profile page, click the Edit button in the What I know section, so you can view and manage what topics are visible on your profile to your colleagues.

It is important to remember that only topics with a status of Published are visible to your colleagues. All other topics are invisible to everyone but you to ensure your privacy is always protected. 

Add a new skill or topic

You can add any skill or topic at any time even if WhoKnows hasn't discovered work activity around that topic. On the "What I Know" tab, simply type in the name of the topic or skill you'd like to add. WhoKnows will try to match any term you type to something in our lexicon, but you can enter any topic you want. Once entered, it will automatically appear as Published in your profile.

Publish a skill or topic discovered by WhoKnows

WhoKnows will make recommendations of new topics or skills as you work normally over time. WhoKnows will send an email to notify of topics that need review. You can also view any topics that "Need Review" at any time by clicking on the "Need Review" filter. This will show all topics that WhoKnows is recommending for you to publish. You can also view topics that you've already hidden by filtering on "Hidden". On any of these lists, simply choose which topics you'd like to publish by clicking on the green checkmark next to it. Remember, only topics that you choose to publish are visible to your colleagues.

Hide a skill or topic

For any skill or topic, you can always choose to hide it at any time. You can choose to filter your terms by clicking on "Need Review" or "Published". For each of those filters, you can hide any topic by clicking "Hide" for that skill.

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