WhoKnows has the ability to derive professional relationships as well as expertise in order to help your colleagues with introductions if you like.

Here are a few important things to remember:

  • Importing and deriving relationships is always optional for the user.

  • WhoKnows measures relationships using a variety of variables from email activity.

  • Any contact with a personal email account is automatically hidden from your list of relationships.

  • You choose which contacts are part of your shareable relationships and which are hidden.

  • My entire list of relationships is not visible to the network until I choose which users with who I want to share it. This is done to ensure your privacy.

Importing and deriving relationships

Please see the section on Relationship Discovery to learn more about how WhoKnows imports and derives relationships.

Choosing which relationships are searchable

To manage visible contacts, click the Edit button in the Who I Know section. Please note, some organizations may have turned this feature off, so you won't see this panel. 

Similar to expertise, you can "publish" or "hide" any contact to make it searchable by colleagues. To publish, click "Show" next to any contact to publish it. To hide, click "Hide" to hide it from everyone but you. You can view published or hidden contacts by clicking on the filter at the top.

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